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PT Bevananda Mustika (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

About Bevananda

Bevananda is a company engaged in manufacturing, producing, and trading various types of wire products. Our main products are: Gabions (Wire gabions), Chainlink mesh and fencing, Galvanized welded wire mesh and fence, Cable cage, Barbed wire, Razor Wire For High Security Protection.

We provide a complete series of specifications with excellent quality. Our products are strictly checked with all the required testing instruments. Our products following Indonesian National Standards (SNI) and our systems have been certified by ISO 9001:2015. We guarantee high quality products, good support and the best service. Bevananda offers the best and guaranteed quality and meets Indonesian National Standards. With Bevananda, you don't get defected, we guarantee that coil length, width, wire size and mesh size the labels are what you get.

Bevananda offers free consultation services
Make sure you choose the right specifications. if hesitated, contact our free consultation service, you will be given advice as well as information by our professionals who are experienced in their fields, practical & Up-To-Date.

We welcome you to visit our official website at www.bevananda.com, for more information you can contact our marketing department.


Be the best wire manufacturer in Indonesia.


We have the mission to supply construction material, especially for the building infrastructures in the growing Indonesian market. We are doing our best effort to fulfill our customer's satisfaction and provide a "one-stop shopping" product and services.


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