PT Bevananda Mustika

Beva Barb

Selling Barbed Wire

 PT. Bevananda Mustika is a manufacturer and manufacturer of barbed wire with the name Beva Barb. Bevananda sells SNI standard barbed wire, buy through us for your needs with competitive Beva Barb barbed wire prices.
We sell Barb Beva Barbed Wire which is a type of steel fence wire made with sharp edges or points that are arranged at intervals along the standard. Barb Beva Barbed Wire is suitable for building inexpensive fences or used on walls / fences to provide additional security for property. Our products are manufactured in accordance with SNI 07-0107-1987 with high quality raw materials namely standard galvanized wire, heavy galvanized wire, or galvanized wire with PVC coated.

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