PT Bevananda Mustika

Beva Gabion

Selling Gabion Wire

 PT. Bevananda Mustika is a manufacturer and manufacturer of gabion wire by the name of Beva Gabion. Bevananda selling SNI standard Gabion wire, buy through us for your needs at competitive Gabion Gabion Wire prices.
We sell Beva Gabion Gabion wire which uses the raw material of Heavy Galvanized Zinc Coated Wire and manufactures PVC Coated Heavy Galvanized Wire. The Gabions manufacturing process combines the use of modern manufacturing techniques that meet the quality standards of BS-1052 and BS-443, SNI No. 03-0090-1999 & SNI No. 03-3046-1992 and ISO 9001: 2008. Our gabion wire is suitable for use as a soil buffer structure: retaining river dams, coastal protection structures, high dams, and other supporting structures.

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