PT Bevananda Mustika

Beva Razor

Selling Beva Razor Razor Wire

 PT. Bevananda Mustika is a razor wire manufacturer and manufacturer by the name of Beva Razor. Bevananda sells SNI standard razor wire, buy through us for your needs with competitive Beva Razor razor wire prices.
We sell Beva Razor Wire razor wire which is a modern version of razor wire, which is designed to prevent intrusion along the perimeter barrier. Beva Razor Wire Razor Wire is made from high tensile strength wire so it is almost impossible to cut it with standard tools. Thorns are designed to have piercing and gripping action.
Beva Razor Wire is a high tensile strength wire, high security and easy installation. This razor wire is suitable for important areas that require high security protection such as: Prison, National Border, Military Base, Border Fence, Telecommunications Station, Industrial & Commercial Area, Residential Security, Oil Plantation Site, etc.

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